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Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only? Ethnic Identity is optional for members of White ethnic groups, while it is  limited for members of non-White groups Whites can claim any specific ancestry or just be “white” or “American” o Possibilities are endless Whites can choose from a range of European ancestry o Nothing off limits o Why? Because whites hold a numerical majority, as well as the majority of  political, social, economic power in America Because the level of discrimination and social distance attached to  specific white ethnicities has decreased over time
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Unformatted text preview: • Symbolic Ethnicity: identity that is individualistic in nature and without real social costs for the individual o Leisure time activities Irish on st. pats day o Voluntary o Search/longing for community Black history month, etc. everyone wants to be from somewhere, using symbolic to capture that nature o No impact on daily interactions o Belief that all ethnicities are equal • Stigma and discrimination has faded away, no longer consequence for choosing an ethnic identity • Limit for those that are non white...
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