Other sociological perspectives

Other sociological perspectives - o Emphasis on...

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Other sociological perspectives Feminist theory o Woman centered, interdisciplinary field o Both theoretical and applied o Argues that Sociology as an academic field and society at large  subordinates women o Women’s issues ignored and or minimized o Three “waves” of feminism: First wave: 1880s-1920s Right to vote Second wave: 1960s-1970s Equality with men in workforce and movements, challenging the  status quo (typically middle class white women) Third wave: 1980s-present Experiences of one group of women were not necessarily those of  all women (differ between races) Women’s choices (wear make up, prostitution, abortion) Critical race theory o Emerges in 1990s o Argues for radical, and race conscious change o Critics of American laws Suggests biased towards whites and against non whites Neutrality of laws maintain white supremacy
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Unformatted text preview: o Emphasis on storytelling/narratives o Describes the relationship between race and property rights • Post-modernism o Modern to Post-Modern Society Consensus to politics of difference National to global focus Manufacturing-based to service and information-based economy o Rejects grand narratives of historical progress Not a given that in the future we will be better off, but that things can get worse and do get worse o Believes boundaries between academic disciplines are artificial Sociologists vs. Psychologists arguing same things o Argues that shared meanings have eroded Based on idea of individualism o Emphasizes narratives, multiple, and sometimes conflicting identities o Gets a bad rap because it questions everything...
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Other sociological perspectives - o Emphasis on...

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