Readings - Readings Statistics Inflatingstatistics...

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Readings: Statistics Inflating statistics Tendency for people to believe and rely on experts because they aren’t paying  attention and are therefore gullible People create statistics, not natural, view point from which they are being  created Statistics are socially constructed Statistics flourish because of increase in technology o Can constantly create info Ethics and values Not all studies ethical and controversial in how they go about doing the  studies May be unethical, but we get good info for science. Where do we draw the  line? 8/4/11 Max Weber German Sociologist o Contributed to history, economics, and sociology o Emphasized an interpretive approach to studying the social world o Modernity is the result of the emergence of rational action o How people create meanings, symbolic meaning, what meanings arise in  different contexts and how people respond to those behaviors
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Readings - Readings Statistics Inflatingstatistics...

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