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SOC 1 Lecture (1)

SOC 1 Lecture (1) - o Knowledge through...

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07:53 How do sociologists gather their evidence? What is science? Question validity of what is given to us, non-scientific thinking. Non-scientific thinking o Knowledge from tradition Goal of science is to debunk tradition and distinguish between what is  valid and in valid o Knowledge from authority (people who are supposed to be the experts  and know give us the info, however those in power may give us info to trick  or confuse us) Science is to challenge that and critique it o Knowledge from casual observation (self experience) o Knowledge from over generalization (derived from small sample) Must be broader case, cant derive knowledge from small simple case o Knowledge from selective observation (you have your own ideas and  views and that’s all that matters) Not scientific because it’s biased
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Unformatted text preview: o Knowledge through qualifiers (qualifying your statement, leaving yourself a way out for a different result) o Knowledge from illogical reasoning (some events might occur in tandem but doesn’t mean one causes the other) o Knowledge through ego defense (I’m never wrong) Scientific community has checks and balances to prevent this o Knowledge through premature closure of inquiry (refuse to debate an issue because you think it’s settled) If that were the case science wouldn’t exist because it’s always asking new questions o Knowledge through mystification (if you can’t explain it, it might be supernatural causes to explain strange phenomena) Doesn’t work in science because we need tangible facts that can be tested 07:53...
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SOC 1 Lecture (1) - o Knowledge through...

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