Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit - o People coming from the same past Basic...

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8/15/11 midterm, last part of culture and race. 10 questions all short answer. 3 list  questions. 4 stuff from slides not readings. 4 readings, comparing articles Strange Fruit Song about lynching in 1930s, billy holiday Strange Fruit lyrics o Southern trees bear strange fruit, blood on the leaves o Blood at the root, black bodies swinging in the southern breeze o Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees… o Talking about the bodies in the trees Wasn’t a big deal during this time to lynch someone Basic Concepts Race: a social construct (not natural) used to distinguish people in terms of  one or more physical markers, who are believed to share a common blood  line (don’t necessarily have to, just the belief is enough for the people to  assume) Ethnicity: a large grouping of people that occupy a particular geographical  territory and are believed to share the same culture and political theory
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Unformatted text preview: o People coming from the same past Basic facts about race • Race is a modern idea o Around 17 th century, race was created • Slavery predates race o Slavery around way before. People would enslave their own people. • Races used to justify social inequality as natural o If you are a member of a particular race, biologically speaking, you are inferior/superior. Inherently something right or wrong with you. If this is the case then inequality is justified • Race is socially constructed, not biological o There is no white gene, black gene, it is a creation mainly used for political means • Most variation occurs within, not between members of ‘race’ o Idea that separates blacks from Latinos and there is something genetic that separates them. However not the case, more genetic variation within a race than in between races....
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Strange Fruit - o People coming from the same past Basic...

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