The Culture of Fear

The Culture of Fear - abuse welfare so get rid of welfare o...

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The Culture of Fear o Why are there so many fears in the air and why are so many of them  unfounded? o Paradox of the fear of culture “serious problems remain widely ignored even though they give rise to  precisely the dangers that the populace most abhors” more worried about reporting about crime rather than  unemployment that may be causing more crime. Want end result  and not cause o Fear are sold Transmute familiar occurrences into huge new danger Escalators. Bad people are substituted for bad policies Look at the behavior of a few then base a policy on that. i.e. few 
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Unformatted text preview: abuse welfare so get rid of welfare o Tricks of the fear mongering trade Fancy titles killer bees Testimonials Try to get you to connect with people to believe the fear they are trying to sell Statements of alarm Anecdotes instead of scientific evidence Isolated incidents presented as trends Depicting entire categories of people as innately dangerous o Hallmark of fear mongering the tendency to trivialize legitimate concerns even while aggrandizing questionable ones...
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