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The Difference between Us

The Difference between Us - one’s color o choose other if...

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8/16/11 Movie: The Difference between Us Racial and Ethnic Identities Race, Ethnicity, and the Census 1790 U.S. Constitution mandates that every person living in America be  counted once every 10 years. Enumeration was used to apportion  congressional representation among the states. o Household counts o Color (whites, all other free coloreds, slaves) o 1850 to 1880: White, Black, Mulatto o 1860: Indians identified in general population; 1900 Indians counted in  both reservations and general population o 1890: Black, Mulatto, Quadroon, Octoroon, and White ¼ and 1/8  1900: the word “race” appears in the census 1930: Mexicans added to census 1960: self-administered census; choice of other introduced o citizens could define who they were instead of census takers determining 
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Unformatted text preview: one’s color o choose other if you didn’t want to be defined by one race (some people put down ‘human’) • 1977: race/ethnic categories defined for first time • 1980: “Hispanic” introduced o American invention, not used outside of America. Supposed to be used by those in the space conquered by the Spanish, supposed to connect those sharing the same language. Umbrella ambiguous term. Seen as too broad. • 2000: choice of more than one race introduced o before you could only choose one… now you can choose multiple. • Race is a social construct, it’s changed, its political...
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The Difference between Us - one’s color o choose other if...

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