Types of Socialization

Types of Socialization - society but yet still provides for...

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Types of Socialization o Primary Parents, family Language, values, cultures, religions, political views o Secondary Friends, peers, teachers Sometimes conflicts with what our parents have taught us Media, what’s cool and not cool, how to dress, Greek life, sports  teams, comrodary, competition, build character, gender socialization,  church o Anticipatory (“rehearsal” for future positions, occupations, and social  relationships) Getting work clothes for job, wearing school shirt where you are about  to attend, preparing for having a baby, internships Anticipating a new role that you are going to be in o Re-Socialization “process of discarding former behavior patterns and  accepting new ones as part of a transition in ones life” Rehabilitation process, get rid of old self to improve yourself, having to  re learn a new set of values o Total Institutions “ a society which is generally cut off from the rest of 
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Unformatted text preview: society but yet still provides for all the needs of its members.” Military, prison, mental institutions, Amish • Socialization Theories o Charles Horton Cooley “Looking Glass Self” “There is no “I”… without its correlative sense of you, or he, or they” As we see our face, figure, and dress in the glass, are interested in them because they are ours, and pleased or otherwise with them according as they do or do not answer to what we should like them to be, so in imagination we perceive another’s mind some thought of our appearance, manners, aims, deeds, character, friends, and so on, and are variously affected by it. Self evaluating situation, how we perceive that others see us Arguing and debate, are you willing to state true feelings? Behaviors mediated by the “other”...
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Types of Socialization - society but yet still provides for...

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