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“Who Owns the News?” o Owners Members of the upper class Politically-economically conservative Financial and decision making power o Advertisers Significant financial interest Have a ‘right’ to have influence over media content Seek to maintain favorable views of the industry in question If Nike sponsoring, they don’t want negative campaigns about it o Editors Involved in the daily decision making process Almost free reign on which stories make it to the air Tend to share the political views of their superiors o Reporters Emphasize “objective” journalism Limited autonomy Can’t just report what they want, have to report what will get good 
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Unformatted text preview: ratings Self-censorship Appropriate behaviors are internalized, know what will show and what won’t so don’t have to have editors hovering over them. o Ruling class Pack journalism News organizations get their idea of what to focus on based on what everyone else is talking about Rich, tend to know each other and have connections within news, business communities, and military organizations. Because of this ruling class news is often suppressed. o Suppressing the news Journalists don’t just go out, get a story, and write about it...
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