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Who1 - o 1923 U.S vs Bhagat Singh Thind(Caucasian vs White...

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Who’s White? Naturalization Law of 1790: law conferring citizenship to “free white persons” o As long as immigrant pop was low, who was white was based upon skin  color. As large amount of immigrants came to America (Polish, Irish,  Italians, Germans) politicians say everyone can’t be white that looks white Immigration Act of 1924: imposed strict immigration restrictions based on  national origins quota system that limited the yearly number of immigrants  from each country Southeastern vs. Northwestern Europeans Immigrants Suing to Become White o 1922: Takao Ozawa v. U.S. (Japanese “unassimilable race”) fought to be called white, told he couldn’t be even though he did  everything right he said that American citizenship should not be based on race, but on  a person’s intentions. Said he was true American at heart
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Unformatted text preview: o 1923: U.S. vs. Bhagat Singh Thind (Caucasian vs. White) Thind brought scientific evidence that he was Caucasian courts said white can’t be scientifically determined but it’s socially/politically determined justices never said what white was, just what it wasn’t (based on what powerful white said it was, how does a person fit politically) • Citizenship Delayed for Non-Whites o 1868: 14 th amendment Blacks gain citizenship est. blacks as people 15 th amendment says that no one of any color can be denied the right to vote ways around the law, literacy tests, poll tax, intimidation, grandfather act o 1924: Indian Citizenship Act o 1954: McCarran-Walter Act removes al racial barriers to naturalizations voting issues till 1965...
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