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Intro to Lab online - Business Business Communication...

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Unformatted text preview: Business Business Communication 3353.113, 114, 115 Mrs. Nancy Smith, M.Ed. Lecturer Hybrid vs Face­2­Face Lab Hybrid vs Face­2­Face Lab The terms hybrid and blended are used interchangeably – to describe a course in which less than half all of the instruction is delivered – via distance education – for the planned purpose of replacing classroom instruction. Hybrid vs Face­2­Face Lab Hybrid vs Face­2­Face Lab Traditional face­to­face (F2F) instruction is reduced but not eliminated. Communication is primarily text­based. Requirements Requirements What it will require of students? – Meeting deadlines – Checking TRACS and email often – 3 mandatory meetings, Aug. 29 November (14, 21 or 28) and December 5 What it will require of instructor? – Workload will be higher than F­2­F class – Communicating with students­­interaction is critical. Lab Schedule Communication is global! Domino’s Delivers . . .Even in Taxco, Mexico Lab Policies – Syllabus, p. 3­5 Lab Policies – Syllabus, p. 3­5 Take Syllabus Quiz online before September 4, midnight Need a faster Internet service than this! Reminders Reminders You will upload all assignments to Tracs Drop Box. I will be grading everything except major exams (taken during lecture). Lab grade components constitute 55 percent of your overall grade (lab exercises, assignments and report project). Almost every lab has an exercise to complete or an assignment due. Some exercises are graded; however, for others, participation for several lab activities will be averaged as a separate exercise grade. Some of these will be conducted through a Forum on Tracs. Elements of TRACS Elements of TRACS Announcements Assessments Assignments Forums Learning Modules Mailtool Resources Drop Box Help Our online services Our online services (will demo shortly) Virtual Office hours – http://connect.its.txstate.edu/ns16 – Sundays: 9:00­10:00 p.m. – Log in as yourself; headset needed if you want to speak, or you can type text in window. Report Report Topics and research Team Evaluation of team Written and Oral report And this will be me grading your papers! And this will be your group! Examples of Report Topics Examples of Report Topics from Past Semesters Implementing Cultural Change in the Workplace Giving Effective Feedback to Your Employees Improving Customer Service in the _____ Industry Handling Conflict in Business Meetings Attendance to Lab Attendance to Lab You are REQUIRED to be present for the entire lab on the night your team presents. – Times TBA, McCoy 233 (in syllabus calendar) – Either November 14, 21, or 28 You are ALL REQUIRED to be present for the final lab – December 5, 5:20­6:30 p.m. – McCoy 233 Reminders Reminders September 4, before midnight – Take Syllabus Quiz (TRACS Assessments) Keep up with the class/lab work; pay attention to deadlines Check TRACS and email often Easy to adopt “out of sight, out of mind” thinking with an online course About me . . . My husband and I and a little Tarahumara Indian girl at the Barranca del Cobre overlook (Copper Canyon, Mexico) Enjoying the scenery at the end of the mission trip My family My family My Credentials My Credentials Taught business courses for 39 years – Keyboarding, Business Management, Business Math, C++, Business Law, Business Communications Taught at TX State since 2006 Hold M.Ed. Owned 2 successful businesses: – Teacher Smith and Smartworks, Inc. My Interests My Interests Doing mission work with Tarahumara Indians of Mexico— this ministry is on hold right now, because of the danger involved. Learning Spanish in Cuernavaca And More! Traveling Carnival ship parallel parks at the Port of Galveston Salzburg, Austria Copper Canyon, Mexico But wait, there’s more! But wait, there’s more! Studying businesses in a Studying global society! global Taking digital pictures! Tarahumara women making goods to sell Yes, even mission work on the French Riviera! You will do group work in two’s or three’s for this lab; watch for directions in Learning Modules. Demo TRACS Features Demo TRACS Features https://connect.its.txstate.edu/ns16 Demo Adobe Connect Demo Adobe Connect Virtual Office https://connect.its.txstate.edu/ns16 Diagnostic Grammar Test Diagnostic Grammar Test ...
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