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1 Review for Diagnostic Grammar Test Refer to Appendix A in your textbook (Guffey, 6 th Edition) for the following grammar rules and guidelines: Complete sentences (avoid fragments) – Guide 1, p. A-2 Run-on sentences – Guide 2, p. A-2 Subjunctive mood – Guide 5, p. A-4 Nominative-/subjective-case pronouns (Guides 11-12, p. A-6) and objective-case pronouns (Guides 11, 12, and 13, p. A-6) Possessive case pronouns – Guide 14, p. A-7 (see Tip) Who/whom – Guide 16, p. A-7 Pronoun antecedents - Guides 17-18, p. A-8 Hyphenated adjectives – Guide 20, p. A-9 Commas – Guides 21-26, pp. A-9 through A-12 *Avoid comma splices (incorrect use of comma), Guide 3, pp. A-2 & A-3 (see Tip, p. A-3)
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Unformatted text preview: Semicolons Guides 27-28, pp. A-12 & A-13 Colons Guides 29-30, p. A-13 Apostrophe Guides 31-33, p. A-14; also see second example under Guide 40, p. A-16 Periods Guide 34, p. A-15 (see Tip) Dash Guide 36, p. A-15 Parentheses Guide 37, p. A-15 Quotation marks Guide 38, p. A-16 Capitalization Guides 39-46, pp. A-16 through A-18 Number Usage Guides 47-50, pp. A-18 & A-19 Frequently confused/misused words pp. A-21 & A-22; Guide 14, p. A-7 (see Tip) Parallel sentence structure p. 154 (Chapter 6) Misplaced/dangling modifiers pp. 137-38 (Chapter 5)...
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