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development of attention - O THER NOTES ON GMAI L...

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OTHER NOTES ON GMAIL Development Of Attention Improves with age Preschool children believed to learn because they attend to a stimuli repeatedly over time and begin to develop Divided attention emerges between 2-4 years and drastically improves by age 7 Kindergarteners can selectively attend and focus attention on relevant versus irrelevant facts Children ages 6-12 begin to understand that attention strategies are needed to learn, solve problems and study Alternating attentional skills - Improve dduring adolescence but therir effectiveness is based on the task (more difficult the task, less effect the skill) During adolescence, attention becomes more focused o Alternating and divided attention is needed for academic and life success Why? Because they are getting jobs and their classes are very subject specific. Attention improves into the twenties and continues to be good as a person ages Deficit are common with the elderly by vary by individual
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development of attention - O THER NOTES ON GMAI L...

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