EF and TOM - Components of EF Planning Organization Working...

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Components of EF Planning Organization Working memory Task initiation Flexibility Self monitoring Impulse control Emotional control Planning Have the ability to manage current or future tasks by: o Setting goals o Developing appropriate steps (ahead of time) for completion o Being able to prioritize Organization The ability to organize all aspects of life (school, work, play and storage spaces) o Having a system for creating tasks o Being able to categorize information or material important for task completion Working Memory The ability to remember things for immediate use o Remember directions/rules o Keeping track of whats going on/ what youre doing Task Initiation The ability to begin a task or generate ideas o The ability to begin tasks without prompts Problem Solving Ability to evaluate performance and recognize when strategies are effective or ineffective
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Know when strategies need to be changed or adjusted Flexibility / shift Ability to move freely from one activity or aspect of a problem to another as circumstances demand Ability to be flexible as demands/requirements change Self Monitoring Is it done… is it done correctly? o Ability to monitor your own efforts o Ability to check ones own work and to know if you successfully completed the task Inhibition/impulse control The ability to stop ones own behavior at an appropriate time o Cognitive and behavioral inhibition Emotional Regulation
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EF and TOM - Components of EF Planning Organization Working...

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