Strategies in Cognitive Development

Strategies in Cognitive Development - • Know means they...

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Strategies in Cognitive Development What do we do with the encoded stumuli? How do we Process the information? o We use strategies to assist with mental tasks Chunking (related tasks are put together) Repetition Strategies : task specific operations used to accomplish a goal. Some strategies are automatically applied to a task while others are more deliberate. How To Go through Articles Before Quizzes Read abstract – be able to show that you have read and picked out the most important article The quiz will be on tuesday Know what they were trying to figure out Know what the results were
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Unformatted text preview: • Know means they used to answer it • What is the outcome!? • Look at the Lit review (know the concepts) • Know the definitions • Know author definitions o Metaphor examples • Pick up assumptions • Know what author means when describing various aspects of the author • Want to know the differences b/t automatic and effortful along with various examples • Know pertinent charts/breakdowns • Know “components” and definitions (few words) • Know the overall theme • Know definitions • Know the steps • Know methods that were helpful...
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Strategies in Cognitive Development - • Know means they...

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