MEMORY - W hat is memory Memory involves the process of...

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What is memory? Memory involves the process of: Stages: Encoding o Interpreting stimuli o Initial perception and registration of information o Heard it Storing o Retention of the information already encoded o Retention of encoded information over time o Put it in a “file” Retrieving information o Recall of information for when it is needed o Processes involved in using stored information Memory and Learning Memory and learning are closely related The term learning/memory process is often used as a way of incorporating all aspect of encoding, storage and retrieval. Learning- the processes involved in the initial acquisition or encoding of information. Memory- refers to later storage and retrieval of information. How distinct are the processes of learning and memory? Information is learned only… o When it can be retrieved later, and o Retrieval cannot occur unless information was learned Importance of Memory
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Basically all of our daily activities require memory. We need the ability to access past experiences of information. o ADLs depend on our ability to learn and store information about our environment. Comprehend language, Recognize our friends and family members, Find out way home, Brush your teeth o Memory enables us to: Learn new skills Retrieve events from the distant past or from seconds ago o Life would be a series of disconnected experiences without memory Each one would be new and unfamiliar
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MEMORY - W hat is memory Memory involves the process of...

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