foundations of testing - Methods of testing Foundations of...

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1 Foundations of Testing Methods of testing r Norm-referenced tests c Normed on a particular population sample to allow comparisons c Statistically/psychometrically derived r Criterion-referenced tests c May or may not be standardized c Based on predetermined/developmental expectations r Alternative assessment c Determines what the client can/can’t do (like criterion-referenced) c Based on contextualized or real-life stimuli Norm-referenced tests r Also called standardized tests (misnomer) r Important psychometric information related to norm-referenced tests: c Test development/item construction c Administration and scoring procedures (standardized) c Normative sample c Reliability and validity Psychometrics r Theory and technique of educational and psychological measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality r Validity = test measures what it says it measures r Reliability = test results are consistent, replicable
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2 Validity r Construct c The degree to which the test measures the theoretical construct it is intended to measure r Content c Appropriateness of the items, completeness of the item sample, and the way in which the items assess the content r Criterion-related c Concurrent r To what degree a person’s score may be used to estimate performance on another measure at present c Predictive r Same as concurrent, but relative to future performance Reliability r Test-retest c Stability over time and administrations r Split-half c Internal consistency; e.g., odd-numbered items and correlated against even-numbered items r Rater c Intra-rater r Consistency when same person administers test more than once c Inter-rater r Consistency when more than one person administers the test The normal distribution r Theoretically depicts the performance of a sample of people on any measure r Mean = average for the sample r Standard deviation = measure of variability from the mean r The use of means and s.d. helps
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foundations of testing - Methods of testing Foundations of...

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