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Unformatted text preview: .1 : : Very large number of sample slopes ^ b1 Source: McClave & Sincich (2003) Some cautions about the interpretation of significance tests Rejecting H0: b1 = 0 and concluding that the relationship between x and y is significant does not enable us to conclude that a cause-and-effect relationship is present between x and y. Just because we are able to reject H0: b1 = 0 and demonstrate statistical significance does not enable us to conclude that there is a linear relationship between x and y. Example output from Excel SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.947098368 R Square 0.896995318 Adjusted R Square Standard Error Observations 0.884119733 8.64136818 10 ANOVA df SS Regression 1 5202.214 Residual Total 8 9 597.386 5799.6 Coefficients Standard Error Intercept -266.5343954 51.03198 X Variable 1 6.137581463 0.735336 MS F 5202.214 69.66637 Sign...
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