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Anti-Federalist Paper - C loonan 1 Alex Cloonan POL 241...

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Cloonan 1 Alex Cloonan POL 241 Baker The Anti-Federalists and Their Bill of Rights In the current era of the United States of America, we have a Constitution that tells us all, more or less, what we can and cannot do, what the government, can or cannot do, and what our natural goals are as a nation. None of these passages of rights are more famous than that which we call the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is not only that part of the Constitution that we all can reference from movies, such as pleading the fifth or the rights to bear arms, but it is also one of the cornerstones of this nation that wasn’t a part of the 1787 Constitution until 1791. The Anti-federalists, who were deeply enamored by this addition, went against the Federalists who had no interest in putting it in their constitution. This concern, though, was just one of the many others that the Anti-Federalists displayed in their push to not ratify the Constitution. Although many of these other concerns may seem a bit outlandish as of now, back then they helped mold the Constitution that we have in place today. In this essay I will prove why the Bill of Rights was clearly a non-negotiable decision to add to the Constitution and why, without it, and the constant pushing of the Anti-Federalists, we would not be the nation that we are today. In all cases of discussion, there are almost always going to be two opposite sides. One side will display one opinion and immediately the other side will disagree and spout out there opinion on why the opposite is best. In the case of the argument for the Bill of Rights, the two parties looked at each other as if the other comprised of complete idiots. The Anti-Federalists believed that a Bill of Rights was entirely necessary so the people of the United States could know their freedoms. If they weren’t sure of what they were permitted to do, then the country
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Cloonan 2 would ultimately fail. Along with this, the Anti-Federalists were afraid that the Constitution
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Anti-Federalist Paper - C loonan 1 Alex Cloonan POL 241...

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