Socialism in Venezuela and the ΓÇ£Red TideΓÇ¥

Socialism in Venezuela and the ΓÇ£Red TideΓÇ¥

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Alex Cloonan 3/25/11 POL 378 Socialism in Venezuela and the “Red Tide” What is a Red tide? Well, technically it’s a type of algae that has a certain toxin in it, killing the fish that breathe in the toxin and pushing them out towards land . This essay, in fact, will not be covering that type of Red tide . The Red tide that I will be referring to has a sense of communism in it . A current theory regarding the status of several Latin American states is that the socialist governments run in many of these countries lead to a spread in the concept of socialism or in some cases communism . On the spectrum, these leftist countries may be referred to as Red or even Pink (Pink meaning more socialist and Red meaning more communist) . A certain fear has arisen that many of these countries are on the Red side and pushing towards a more threatening communist landing . I consider this an untrue statement. I believe that many of these countries are more Pink than anything and to prove this point I plan on focusing on the Venezuelan case; spotlighting on how Hugo Chavez has transformed the government in Venezuela to a somewhat democratic socialist regime that can be seen across the rest of Latin America as well . I also plan on identifying what I believe to be the actual motives of Chavez and how his leftist policies focus much less on attempts to persuade any other Latin American countries than on bettering Venezuela as well as himself . Hugo Chavez has had an interesting escalation to the place he’s in today . As a youth he played baseball and was actually very good at it until he decided to join up at the military academy in 1971 . After excelling in the academy, he quickly transcended in the military
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eventually reaching the role of Major . During his escapades he formed a secret cell in the military called the Bolivarian Revolutionary Army-200 (Later called MBR-200), using the name Bolivarian off of one his idols, Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan revolutionary and President of Venezuela in the early 19 th century . After suspicions grew about his involvement with MBR-200 he was placed somewhere else where he could recruit no more . At this post he was introduced with a situation that would lead him to gain trustful ties with the indigenous people of Venezuela, giving them protective rights later in his political career
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Socialism in Venezuela and the ΓÇ£Red TideΓÇ¥

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