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STAFFORD, AMANDA World Cinema Characteristic Features: Mira Nair Orange. Red. Yellow. Fuschia. One of the most prominent features of Mira Nair’s work as a whole is her use of color & saturation. Born in India, Nair has paid homage to her cultural homeland with such films as Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love , to name but a few. Though each film is distinctly different in its storyline, one defining characteristic always present is the colorful identity of her homeland. Color in a film, according to Gianetti, is highly emotional & tends to be atmospheric in its appeal. Nair certainly uses color to emphasize the exotic beauty of India, & the warmth of the colors seems to transport the viewer to the hot streets of Calcutta. Nair tends to focus on dramatic films, or films with a dramatic subject. While never short on humor, the subject matter she’s chosen in the past has dealt with family issues, cultural identity, sexuality & gender
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Unformatted text preview: equality, & oftentimes, she adapts films from dramatic novels which, even on screen, are poignant & effecting. Nair doesn’t allow the camera to haphazardly roll; she very meticulously examines the emotional quality of a scene, interactions between characters & setting before deciding on a technique. For instance, to build intensity & create a feeling of immediacy or danger, she used a handheld camera in Monsoon Wedding during a scene in which an older man was taking a young girl away from a party to molest her. The shakiness of the camera was useful & appropriately used in order to let the viewer know that real danger was present. Other times, she often uses medium shots & close-ups. The close-ups are used to show the inner thoughts of the character & to help the viewer directly identify with him or her....
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