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Unformatted text preview: STAFFORD, AMANDA World Cinema February 9, 2011 Scene Analysis: Monsoon Wedding Mira Nairs film Monsoon Wedding is radiant with life, movement, color, & feeling. The story focuses on the arranged marriage of a young Indian couple & the wedding festivities, which include the arrival of several extended family members for a sort of wedding festival. Nair achieves great emotional depth & life with her use of the handheld camera, over the shoulder, medium, & full shots, territorial framing, & lighting. The colors of the film are beautifully highlighted by Nairs use of natural lighting, as well as the soft glow of the evening. For a culture rich in color & tradition, Nairs techniques bring Monsoon Wedding to life. In the scene beginning at 1:31:30, the camera is focused dead center in a medium shot on a woman looking off at something several feet away, & the framing of this shot forces the viewer to delve into the deep expression of pain & anger in her face. Her decision to use a full shot as a young girl exists an aloof deep expression of pain & anger in her face....
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