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Unformatted text preview: McCoy College of Business Administration TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-San Marcos Department of CIS/QMST CIS3380 Enterprise Information Technology and Business Intelligence Summer I - 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. K.G. Ploeger TELEPHONE: 512-245-3594 OFFICE: MCOY 461 A llies Safe Office E-MAIL: OFFICE HOURS: M-F: 11:00am-12:00pm 1:40-2:00pm 3:40-4:20pm or by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION : Students will extend their ability to effectively use integrated software applications to identify and provide access to various information sources. The course will focus on applying information and Internet Technologies that span normal business functions for the development and implementation of solutions to managerial problems . COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is specifically developed and identified to address global and multicultural issues. Topics have been included that are intended to demonstrate the global nature of people using technology in business. This course addresses the nature of alternative learning styles and cognitive abilities addressed by varied instructional modalities. COURSE MATERIALS: 1. M: Information Systems , Baltzan/Phillips, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2011, ISBN 978-0-07-337683-7. 2. Supplemental Readings and materials as assigned in class and/or posted on course TRACS site 3. Online resources from the textbook publisher including PowerPoint slides can be found at: LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The ability to: 1. demonstrate an understanding of integrated enterprise information systems in a global environment 2. demonstrate understanding of the difference between data and information in decision making 3. demonstrate competence in moving data between integrated software applications 4. demonstrate the application of decision making levels and cognitive hierarchy 5. demonstrate an understanding of organizational issues in multicultural business environments 6. demonstrate an enhanced decision making ability in the context of todays global environments 7. demonstrate a comprehension of the globally multicultural history and future of computing 8. demonstrate knowledge of the cyclic nature of project development in business 9. demonstrate understanding of detrimental effects of poor quality data on decision making 10. demonstrate knowledge of the global context of ethical and security issues SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BRING INTO THIS COURSE: 1. competence using software applications including spreadsheet and database 2. knowledge of decision support capabilities of spreadsheet and database software 3. the ability to perform basic statistical analysis including descriptive and inferential analysis 4. the ability to accomplish higher level decision making and synthesis PREREQUISITES: 1. CIS1323 or equivalent 2. MATH 1329 or equivalent 3. QMST 2333 or equivalent COURSE POLICIES: A. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY: Lectures, class discussions, in-class demonstrations, hands-on workshops, library research, classroom activities,...
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This note was uploaded on 09/29/2011 for the course CIS 3380 taught by Professor Plummer during the Summer '08 term at Texas State.

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Syllabus - McCoy College of Business Administration TEXAS...

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