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Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships - Long-distance relationships...

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Long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common I. Definition A. Distance B. Access – how often you can see or talk to each other Long-distance = Distance + Access More access, easier to maintain long distance relationship II. Advantages to LDRs a. Personality Characteristics i. “Sailor on every boat” – can have multiple relationships going at the same time. One in Houston, one in Cali, etc. ii.High achiever – can have the status of the relationship, security of relationship without the everyday hassle of the relationship Relationships take work EVERY DAY. Security of relationship – comfort when things are going bad Status – can say “my boyfriend in Houston” b. Positive consequences of LDRs i. More control over your life – you can decide to do what you want when you want to ii.More personal time – face to face relationships take lots of time on a day to day basis. LDRs don’t involve as much personal time simply because that person is not around iii. More friendships – face to face – you give up a lot of your friends. LDRs have more time for friends iv. Other relationships – fling in town while bf is out of town v.More partner idealization & “first dates” When you’re far away from partner for long periods of time, they seem smarter, sexier at a distance than they do face to face This is why people are happier for longer in LDRs than in f2f relationships. Imagine being
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