Final Review - M usical Terms Baile del tambor(incl inst...

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Musical Terms Baile del tambor (incl. instruments) – La Gomera, Canary Islands. Recreating historicized past in the present. Connection to animism. Articulated, transcutural history. Confronting modernity. Dance is essential – must be in the right context to achieve ancestor voodoo trance - tambor – symbol of Gomeran mago identity. Can be sing, play tambor, and dance at the same time. Accompany responder - Characas – only men can play. Cannot sing and play characas at same time. Rhythmic ornamentation. Bandoneon – relative to the accordion. (How a German immigrant became quintessential Argentine). Brought by Christian missionaries & became widely accepted in tango groups. Synonymous with the tango genre (represents the genre and Argentina). Appropriated into culture from outsiders. At first, was used by outsiders for local purposes before being appropriated by insiders. Blues – African-American music nostalgia, freedom, empowerment, independence Modern genre meant to seem old - historicity Corrido – heroization of ethnic Mexicans (viewed ethnic Mexicans differently than reality). Comedic version of Texas white ranger represents the contact/conflict between Mexicans and Anglo-Saxons Poetic form: copla. Guitar + singing Americo Paradez – Corrido de Gregorio Cortez society is the author of the song Diatonic button accordion – Creole music. Distinctions between Creole & Cajun button accordion. Gamelan – ensemble. Bali and Java. Metallophones, xylophones, drums, gongs. Set of instruments built and tuned together. Instruments from different gamelans are usually not interchangeable. Hierarchy among instruments. Haka – dance of Maoris from New Zealand. Mainly male dance. Some women do dance haka but role is limited and supports male. War dance (but not exclusively war dance). Formal/welcome ceremonies. Stomping of feet, chanting of words. Harmony – pitches at an interval. Combination of three or more tones that blend together simultaneously. Supports the melody Heterophony –simultaneous variations of the same line of music. More than one performer. Same melody played differently (either in terms of pitch, rhythm, or both) Homophony – multiple lines of music expressing the same musical idea in the same meter. Requires at least 2 pitches played simultaneously at an interval other than an octave. (harmony). Melody with chordal
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Final Review - M usical Terms Baile del tambor(incl inst...

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