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Dominican Republic (Hispaniola/Santo Domingo) - History o Chris Columbus + Spanish rule takes out Taino population (called DR “Quesiqueya) o Resembles Cuba and Puerto Rico o Slavery never played a central role in society because they never developed a plantation-based economy o 1844: some independence – instable, undeveloped, divided by candillos (regional strong men) o 1916: US marines occupy - Fail to develop strong, coherent sense of national identity o Upper/mid class identify with Spain o Black/mulatto lower class – “dark-skinned Indians” (indios/indios oscuros) o Dominican nationalism developed in opposition to Haiti Denial of Afro-Caribbean culture - Worship of misterios mixed with Catholicism, Vodou, etc. - Afro-Dominican music: o Cofradias: misterios worshiped with songs & dances accompanied by palos/atabales (long, slender drums) o Salve: highly Africanized style o Gaga: like Haitian rara, rowdy, interlocking rhythmic parts on vaksin (bamboo tubes blown trumpet style & struck with sticks), western border of DR with large Haitian migrant population
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