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“Final Review Terms” 1. Africanism: characteristics that are identifiably related to African diaspora or of African origins EX: associating African music w/ -polyrhythmic textures -call and response -collective participation -percussive sounds -timbral richness -use or repetition -open ended forms COMMUNITY: markers of identity 2. Animism: belief systems in which natural phenomena as well as both animate and inanimate objects are considered to possess a spirit EX: Indigenous Australians Mongolia Tuvan Overtone-sounds have spiritual powers Canary Islands COMMUNITY: social customs build community 3. Appropriation: cultural borrowing EX: Hawaii and the ukulele Australia and the didjeridu tango appropriated by aristocracy TRADITION: always changing 4. Articulation theory: bringing together of specific cultural discourses and practices to make evident both the subordinate and dominant power positions represented by them EX: South Africa- thought of home COMMUNITY 5. Bali syndrome: creation of idea of what islands are viewed as EX: Hawaii DISTANCE TRADITION 6. Boundary maintenance: could be geographical, ideological, cultural EX: Kazakhs of West Mongolia (cultural border doesn’t match with political borders) North and South India (cultural divide)
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Turkey (cultural boundaries eradicated as move toward Western style state) COMMUNITY DISTANCE 7. Bourgeoisie: middle class EX: Boston 8. Canonization: to classify, tacitly accepted groups of sine qua non texts => happens b/c of official discourse, idea of tradition, authenticity starts EX: Sufi (Turkey)-Durak South Africa- isicathimiya TRADITION COMMUNITY 9. Capitalism: profit motive EX: Trinidad and Tobago 10. Coding: assigning ideologies to certain objects and people EX: gender, commercial, non-authentic TRADITION 11. Colonialism: control or governing influence over a dependent country, territory, people EX: Hispaniola- colonized by Spain, France, Haiti, U.S
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FinalReviewTerms - Final Review Terms 1. Africanism:...

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