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Unformatted text preview: Ghana Cultural idea replicated by music: emphasis on the collective community pg 269 – “Social identity is valued over individual identity, as expressed by the common proverb, ‘I am because we are.’”- 3 main activities that reflect importance of collective community: communal dance, call-and-response singing, polyrhythm I. Polyrhythmic Instrumental Ensemble a. Each person plays an individual part that comes together in a collective whole. b. In the example from the book, there’s call-and-response. Call-and-response represents a form of group singing, again emphasizing the importance of the group, not the individual. II. Talking Drums a. Often, Talking Drums are performed to honor someone of royal lineage or praise a powerful ancestral spirit. Ghana defers from individual identity. By performing Talking Drums to honor ancestors or royalty, it again brings together the sense of community. The community together honors ancestors and royalty through the performance of Talking Drums. Therefore, the performance of talking drums is not an individual experience. Instead, it is way to Talking Drums....
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