Assignment 5 - MKT 460 Assignment 5 Raghunath Rao Due Date...

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MKT 460: Assignment 5 Raghunath Rao Due Date: April 24, 2011 Please use the Excel File “Handheld_Data Assgn 5.xls” for this exercise. Paste the required graphs within this sheet. Type you answers also within this document at appropriate places. Please save the world file with your answers and upload it on Blackboard under Assignment 5. 1
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View Full DocumentRight Arrow Icon – Applications of Conjoint Analysis This assignment will take you through a detailed conjoint analysis exercise. You will analyze data collected in a conjoint experiment, interpret the results to understand consumer preferences, and use the results to segment the market. You will also construct a simulator to predict market share for new product concepts in a competitive market. To stay ahead in the highly competitive PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) market, is committed to continuous market research to monitor the preferences of consumers. A conjoint experiment was conducted to help design and test new PDA concepts. To identify relevant attributes and their levels a series of focus groups were conducted with current owners of PDAs. Five attributes were short-listed as the key determinants of consumers’ choices in the PDA market. These factors are: 1. Brand Name/Model 2. Memory 3. Built-in Camera 4. Expansion Slot 5. Price An analysis of competing products currently available in the market helped establish the levels of each of these attributes. 100 respondents were recruited from the target market to participate in the conjoint experiment. Respondents were screened based on current ownership, or having an intention to purchase a PDA in the next six months. Respondents were given 18 profile cards, each containing a description of a PDA concept in terms of the five attributes. The task given to the respondent was to rate each concept on a seven-point scale ranging from "Not Likely to Buy"(1) to "Certain to Buy" (7). Data
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Assignment 5 - MKT 460 Assignment 5 Raghunath Rao Due Date...

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