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Dolbier HW Solutions 301 - 395 ALCOHOLS DIOLS AND THIOLS...

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ALCOHOLS, DIOLS, AND THIOLS 395 The structure cannot be correct. It would exhibit only two peaks in its 13 C NMR spectrum, because the two terminal carbons are equivalent to each other. 15.46 The observation of a peak at m / z 31 in the mass spectrum of the compound suggests the presence of a primary alcohol. This fragment is most likely . On the basis of this fact and the appearance of four different carbons in the 13 C NMR spectrum, the compound is 2-ethyl-1-butanol. 15.47–15.49 Solutions to molecular modeling exercises are not provided in this Study Guide and Solutions Man- ual. You should use Learning By Modeling for these exercises. SELF-TEST PART A A-1. For each of the following reactions give the structure of the missing reactant or reagent.
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