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These ethers could also have been named as alkoxyalkanes. Thus, sec -butyl methyl ether would become 2-methoxybutane. 16.21 Iso f urane and en f urane are both halogenated derivatives of ethyl methyl ether. Isofurane: Enfurane: 16.22 ( a ) The parent compound is cyclopropane. It has a three-membered epoxide function, and thus a reasonable name is epoxycyclopropane. Numbers locating positions of attachment (as in 1,2-epoxycyclopropane ) are not necessary, because no other structures (1,3 or 2,3) are pos- sible here. ( b ) The longest continuous carbon chain has seven carbons, and so the compound is named as a derivative of heptane. The epoxy function bridges C-2 and C-4. Therefore
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