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( h ) Under acidic conditions, substitution is favored at the carbon that can better support a positive charge. Aryl substituents stabilize carbocations, making the benzylic position the one that is attacked in an aryl substituted epoxide. ( i ) Tosylate esters undergo substitution with nucleophiles such as sodium butanethiolate. ( j ) Nucleophilic substitution proceeds with inversion of con f guration. 16.27 Oxidation of 4- tert -butylthiane yields two sulfoxides that are diastereomers of each other. Oxidation of both stereoisomeric sulfoxides yields the same sulfone. 16.28 Protonation of oxygen to form an alkyloxonium ion is followed by loss of water. The resulting car- bocation has a plane of symmetry and is achiral. Capture of the carbocation by methanol yields both enantiomers of 2-methoxy-2-phenylbutane. The product is racemic.
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