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( o ) Semicarbazide converts aldehydes to the corresponding semicarbazone. ( p ) Phosphorus ylides convert aldehydes to alkenes by a Wittig reaction. ( q ) Acidi f cation of solutions of sodium cyanide generates HCN, which reacts with aldehydes to form cyanohydrins. ( r ) Chromic acid oxidizes aldehydes to carboxylic acids. 17.22 ( a ) Lithium aluminum hydride reduces ketones to secondary alcohols. ( b ) Sodium borohydride converts ketones to secondary alcohols. ( c ) Catalytic hydrogenation of ketones yields secondary alcohols. O Cyclopentanone OH H Cyclopentanol H 2 Ni O Cyclopentanone OH H Cyclopentanol NaBH 4 CH 3 OH 1. LiAlH 4 2. H
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