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Dolbier HW Solutions 356

Dolbier HW Solutions 356 - 450 ALDEHYDES AND KETONES...

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( d ) 17.31 ( a ) The Z stereoisomer of CH 3 CH ? NCH 3 has its higher ranked substituents on the same side of the double bond, The lone pair of nitrogen is lower in rank than any other substituent. ( b ) Higher ranked groups are on opposite sides of the carbon nitrogen double bond in the E oxime of acetaldehyde. ( c )( Z )-2-Butanone hydrazone is ( d E )-Acetophenone semicarbazone is 17.32 Cyclopentanone reacts with peroxybenzoic acid to form a peroxy monoester. The alkyl group that migrates is the ring itself, leading to formation of a six-membered lactone.
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