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compounds are noncyclic). There are a total of f ve isomers: ( b ) The E and Z isomers of 2-butenal are stereoisomers. ( c ) None of the C 4 H 6 O aldehydes and ketones is chiral. ( d ) The a , b -unsaturated aldehydes are ( E )- and ; and . There is one a , b -unsaturated ketone in the group: . ( e ) The E and Z isomers of 2-butenal are formed by the aldol condensation of acetaldehyde. 18.19 The main F avor component of the hazelnut has the structure shown. 18.20 The characteristic reaction of an alcohol on being heated with KHSO 4 is acid-catalyzed dehydration. Secondary alcohols dehydrate faster than primary alcohols, and so a reasonable f rst step is The product of this dehydration is an enol, which tautomerizes to an aldehyde. The aldehyde then
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