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( b ) You may recognize this compound as an enamine. It is slightly different, however, from the enamines we discussed earlier (Section 17.11) in that nitrogen bears a hydrogen substituent. Stable enamines are compounds of the type where neither R group is hydrogen; both R s must be alkyl or aryl. Enamines that bear a hy- drogen substituent are converted to imines in a proton-transfer equilibrium. ( c ) The compound given is known as a nitronic acid; its more stable tautomeric form is a nitroalkane. ( d ) The six-membered ring is aromatic in the tautomeric form derived from the compound given. ( e ) This compound is called isourea. Urea has a carbon oxygen double bond and is more stable. 18.37 ( a ) This reaction is an intramolecular alkylation of a ketone. Although alkylation of a ketone with
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