My name is Lequetia A

My name is Lequetia A - LEQUETIA JENKINS Mrs RENFROE...

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LEQUETIA JENKINS Mrs. RENFROE ENGLISH COMP I THE SPELLING BEE My name is LeQuetia A. Jenkins. I was born on February 21, 1970. I have eight sisters and five brothers. A small town called Ebenezer, Mississippi is where I was born and raised. Many of the same people I was raised around still live in the area. I grew up around a lot of my family which include cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I currently live in Benton, Mississippi with my three children and fiancé. It is about fifteen miles away from Ebenezer. I started school when I was about five years old. I went from Kindergarten to fourth grade at Lexington Elementary School. The school was close to my home but too far to walk. Many of my classmates were people I grew up around. They helped me through some of the hard and awkward times at Lexington Elementary School. While attending Lexington Elementary School, I was entered into a school spelling bee. I had a very good teacher who believed in me. She thought I was smart enough to win. And she also had a lot of faith in me doing so. The spelling bee wasn’t anything out of the norm. I had to
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My name is Lequetia A - LEQUETIA JENKINS Mrs RENFROE...

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