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Instructor Questionnaire Dear Professor: After reading Chapter 9 and/or 12 from the sampler, please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire. We appreciate your taking the time to share your comments! Name: E-mail Address: School: 1. Author(s) of the textbook currently used in your course: Block/Hirt Foundations of Financial Management Brealey/Myers/Alan Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Brigham/Houston Fundamentals of Financial Management Brigham/Houston Fundamentals of Financial Management: Concise Gitman Principles of Managerial Finance Keown Financial Management: Principles and Applications Keown Foundations of Finance: The Logic and Practice of Finance Management Lasher Practical Financial Management Megginson/Smart Introduction to Corporate Finance Ross/Westerfield/Jordan Essentials of Corporate Finance Ross/Westerfield/Jordan Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Other (Please list): 2. Which chapter(s) did you test with your class? (Please select all that apply) Chapter 9 Chapter 12 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Jonathan Berk Peter DeMarzo
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3. The Notation listing was a useful reference point for students as they worked with equations throughout the chapter. Do you: □ Strongly Agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly Disagree 4. The chapter-opening interview profiling a recent college graduate helped my students understand the relevance of this chapter’s
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Berk_In_Quest - FundamentalsofCorporateFinance JonathanBerk...

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