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CCNA Syllabus - Routers Components& Models Routers...

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Week 1 Introduction to networking Network Types Network Topologies Networking media MAC vs. IP addresses Cabling LAB- making cables Network Technologies Network Devices Testing connectivity OSI Model TCP/IP Model Data Encapsulation Introduction To Addressing IP Addressing-Classfull Classless Addressing CIDR Subnetting with VLSM TCP/IP Application & Transport layers Week 2 Introduction to Routers
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Unformatted text preview: Routers Components & Models Routers Startup Routers Command line Interface DHCP "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol" LAB- DHCP Learning About Other Devices (CDP) Telnet Pass IP Routing Static Routing Default Routing Introduction to Dynamic Routing Week 3 EIGRP,ACL,NAT OSPF,RIP Week 4 IPV6,WAN,DSL,HDLC,Frame relay Switches,Vlan...
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