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MGMT 6600 – Computing your Final Grade Your grade for the course is determined from the following: 1 st  Article Presentation/Activity 50   points 2 nd  Article Presentation/Activity 65   points Personal SWOT Analysis (or REDO) 100 points Consultant Report Draft  100 points Final Report 160 points Presentation   40 points
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Unformatted text preview: class for surveys goes here) TOTAL 655 points CHECK D2L for your grades. E-mail me ASAP if we are not in agreement about a grade. For an A, you need 606 or more points For an A-, you need 586-605 points For a B+, you need 567-585 points For a B, you need 540-566 points For a B-, you need 521-539 points See syllabus for remaining break down of points....
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