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Exam 2 Notes - Tim Joo 4 Identifications(10 Points Each 2...

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Tim Joo 4 Identifications (10 Points Each) 2 Short Essays (30 Points Each) Tuesday November 2, 2010 New Testament EXAM TWO Identifications (5-6 Sentences) Scholarly Methods: - Source Criticism o Synoptic Gospels – “synoptic” means “seen together” and this term is often used for Matthew Mark and Luke because of their similarities o Synoptic Problem – the problem of how to explain the wide ranging agreements and disagreements among the Synoptic Gospels 4 Source Theory – Mark was the first Gospel to be written and was used by both Matthew and Luke Markan Priority – the theory that Matthew and Luke both used Mark and that Mark was the original source of all of the Synoptics Q (mostly sayings) – a separate source claimed to be used by Matthew and Luke; ex: Jesus’ temptations; Beatitudes; command to love enemies; Lord’s Prayer M – a separate source exclusively used by Matthew; ex: visit of magi; flight to Egypt L – a separate source exclusively used by Luke; ex: birth of John the Baptist; shepherds; Good Samaritan; Jesus as 12 year old in temple - Redaction Criticism – the study of how authors have created a literary work by modifying or editing their sources of information o Redaction – editing of a text (additions and omissions) o Redactor – someone who edits a text Texts: - Letters of Paul (general character and significance) o Paul wrote many of the books in the New Testament canon around the time of 50-60ce. He was a scholar and an apocalypticist so most of his letters have an apocalyptic point of view, where he focuses on the Judgment Day and Jesus coming again. He emphasized Jesus’ return and that the end is near. He wrote 1 Thessalonians with his followers, Timothy and Silvanus. 1 Thessalonians is largely agreed by scholars to be the oldest book in the New Testament. In 1 Corinthians, his authority is demonstrated in the tone of his letter and his wisdom. - 1 Corinthians (general issues and important teachings) o It is a letter from Paul to the city of Corinth, a large and prosperous city south of Thessalonica. Paul addresses the people of Corinth as full of sin and the main problem they had was that they were self- righteous. They tried to surpass one another in demonstrating their
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Tim Joo 4 Identifications (10 Points Each) 2 Short Essays (30 Points Each) Tuesday November 2, 2010 New Testament EXAM TWO abilities and righteousness. The city of Corinth is illustrated by Paul to be socially loose, especially sexually, and they had a bad reputation. A few of the problems addressed by Paul in this letter are divisions and factions in the church, meals and eating practices, speaking in tongues, and an instance where a man was having affairs with his stepmother. He also addresses the issue of sex and marriage as if they cannot be devoted to God at the same time, then marriage is just a distraction and they shouldn’t get married. Paul teaches that if they don’t believe that Christ was raised from the dead, then their faith is useless and they are still in their sins.
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