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Artists for final - born: 1881Malaga, Southern Spain died:...

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Sumeer Artists El Greco : Mannerist—Mannerista (wants to copy other people's styles such as Michelangelo, Titiano, Tintoretto) born: 1540—Crete, Greece died: 1614 A painting: El entierro de Conde de Orgaz Velazquez : Realist--Realista born: 1599—Sevilla, Southern Spain died: 1660 A painting: Las meninas Goya : Individual and Modern and acid etchings—Individual y Modernista born: 1746—Zaragoza, Northern Spain died: 1828 A painting: El tres de Mayo Picasso : Cubist and Modern—Cubista y Moderna
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Unformatted text preview: born: 1881Malaga, Southern Spain died: 1973 A painting: Guernica Dali : Surrealist and CubistSurrealista y Cubista born: 1904Catalua, Northern Spain died: 1989 A painting: La persistencia de la memoria Realist: paintings like pictures Modern: changing the classic type of art, and relative to the time Surrealist: paint dreams and weird things not from real life Cubist: Mixing things such as body parts up (distorted reality)...
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