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Evaluation of Spanish III

Evaluation of Spanish III - Textbook and workbook...

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Evaluation of Spanish III ------- and you THESE ARE ANONYMOUS! NO NAMES! 1. Save this as a word document so that you can type on it. 2. Print out your responses/staple together and put them in the manila envelope in Ms. Fidler’s room. There are 2 sections: one about your progress in the class and the other about the teacher. Please answer as completely as possible. YOUR PROGRESS IN THIS CLASS A. Describe the progress that you feel you have made in each area since the beginning of the year. 1. Listening: 2. Speaking: 3. Writing: 4. Reading: 5. New vocabulary: 6. Understanding the multiple tenses in a story: B. How helpful to you are the following activities: Podcast listening:
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Podcast Activities: Podcast essays:
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Unformatted text preview: Textbook and workbook activities: Video “La Catrina”: Worksheets: (when presenting a new verb tense, etc.): Rosetta Stone: The Spanish Reader Website verbal presentations: C. If you could come up with a system for participation points, what would you do? D. Other suggestions/comments? THE TEACHER 1. Does the teacher give you feedback/information on the quality of your work and how to improve it? 2. Does the teacher explain the material clearly? 3. Is the teacher available for extra help? 4. Is technology used in the classroom? If so, in what ways? 5. Has the teacher made you aware of the Honor Code? Questions/suggestions you’d like the teacher to know about?...
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  • Spring '11
  • JohnSmith
  • Grammatical tense, Grammatical aspect, Romance languages, Grammatical mood, Website verbal presentations

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