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picasso questions - 7 Who was Francoise Gilot and what did...

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Sumeer, Laura, Raveena Picasso Questions 1. Which artists painting did Picasso make his own? Answer: Velazquez 2. Name 2 of the artists from the new york art school that werecaptivating the world Answer: Jackson Pollik William Deculum 3. Why did Picasso want to retreat from his previous style of painting? Answer: He was about the face the problem of death and examine it in its own life 4. What subject terrified Picasso the most? Answer: His own death. 5. When did Picasso die? Answer: April 8 th , 1973. 6. How did Picasso's only legitimate child die? Answer: Through complications due to heavy alcohol use.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Who was Francoise Gilot and what did she publish in 1964? Answer: Gilot was Picasso's former lover with whom he had two children and she published her memoir, Life With Picasso in 1964. 8. Why was Picasso admitted to a hospital in Paris? Answer: He was admitted to get his prostate removed. 9. Why did Picasso refuse to write a will before he went in for a possibly fatal surgery? Answer: He couldn't bring himself to write a will because that would involve recognizing the fact of his own death. Also, he wanted to show that he had not lost his ability to create...
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