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Determining moles of Hydration: Some ionic compounds have molecules embedded in their crystal structures. They are said to be hydrated salts e.g. copper sulfate pentahydrate C4SO4. 5H20 are for very mole of CuS04, 5 moles of water is locked up in its crystal structure. Mass of crucible = 10.67g
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Unformatted text preview: mass of crucible + hydrated MgSO4 = 13.691g mass of hydrated MgSO4 = 3.024 g mass of crucible + anhydrous MgS04 = 12.173g mass of anhydrous MgSO4 = 1.506g mass of H20 = 1.518g ratio: 1:6.74 accepted value = 7mol H2O % error = (1-6.74)/7 x 100 3.71% error...
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