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notes 1 - physical —filtration,evaporation chromatography...

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reactants—products ex. CO2 + H20—C6H12O6 + 02 Al + Br2—AlBr3 mass of reactants must equal mass of products 10.3g + 91.5 g = 101.8g elements that go around in pairs—diatomic compounds vs mixtures mixtures—composition of a mixture is variable even if you have the ingredients homogenous mixture—sample of the mixture has the same composition throughout the sample. Difficult to separate the components, but can be done. heterogeneous mixture—sample of the mixture is unevenly blended and likely to vary in its composition. Relatively easy to separate the different components compound—is a pure substance made up of two or more elements chemically bonded together (have a fixed composition) METHODS of separation mixtures can be separated by physical means (due to differences in their physical properties) compounds are separated by chemical means
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Unformatted text preview: physical —filtration,evaporation, chromatography, distillation, crystallization, centrifugation, flotation chemical— heating, electrolysis, displacement, reacting with other chemicals, precipitation fractional distillation— take clean, filtered air, take the air to a compressor and compress it (makes the air hot) take it through a heat exchanger to remove the heat then take it to a decompressor and decompress it (makes the air colder and liquefies the air) put air through another filter to remove the solid CO2 (dry ice) end with a container of liquid air Periodic Table column 1=alkali metals column 2=alkali earth metals column 3-12=transition elements columns 13-16=none column 17=halogens column 18=noble gases bottom block—top=lanthanides, bottom=actinides...
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