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cloning - Sumeer In my mind I have no doubt that we will...

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Unformatted text preview: Sumeer In my mind, I have no doubt that we will clone a wooly mammoth—and indeed other extinct species—someday soon. While in may not be tomorrow, or in the next five years, I don't feel that ten years is a bad guess, much less twenty or thirty. We have time on our side, with technology progressing further everyday, and someday, we will find intact cells that those scientists need to resurrect extinct animals. The question of whether we should or not is much trickier. At first, it seems like the answer should be yes, because who would not want to see a wooly mammoth or a dodo bird? But then, like one of the people in the video said, we're already running out of space for the large animals we have now. How can we afford to give these old animals room? If space was not a factor, I think we should bring back some extinct species, maybe even all the ones we can get intact cells of. Humans have indirectly, or even directly in some cases, made certain species of animals go extinct. I feel as if we as a race, have or even directly in some cases, made certain species of animals go extinct....
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