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Dont blame the bees lab

Dont blame the bees lab - weigh each Record the mass of...

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Procedure 1. Tie each dialysis tube at one end. 2. Pour all of the pure honey into a small cup(you will use this honey to make different solutions as well as for the 100% honey solution). 3. In the small cups, prepare a solution of honey. Each will be a different concentration. (refer to table below for concentrations and how to prepare each). 4. Using the syringe, draw 10mL of a solution from the small cup and place in your dialysis tube. Make sure you squeeze all of the air out of the tube, then tie off the open end of your dialysis tube towards the end of the tube. 5. Repeat step 4 for each of the concentrations in the table. (you should end with 6 dialysis tubes). 6. After all 6 of your tubes have been filled and tied off, mass each separately and record the mass of each. 7. After all of 6 of your tubes have been prepared and massed, place each tube in a separate big cup and then fill with enough water to cover completely. 8. Let the cups sit for 20 minutes. 9. After 20 minutes has passed take each tube out of the cup of water, dry off completely and
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Unformatted text preview: weigh each. Record the mass of each. 10. Calculate the change in mass for each tube. To calculate the change in mass, use the equation: Final Mass- Initial Mass 11. Graph your data on a scatter plot(X axis- concentration of honey/ Y axis- change in mass), insert a line of best fit, plug in your data for your unknown concentration and then solve for X to find the concentration of the evidence honey. Concentration Amount of Honey(mL) Amount of Water(mL) Unknown 10 mL of evidence honey None 100% Honey Solution 10mL of pure honey None 80% Honey Solution 16mL 4mL 60% Honey Solution 12mL 8mL 40% Honey Solution 8mL 12mL 0% Honey Solution 0mL 10mL Mass before: 0%.--11.05 g 40%.--13.50g 60%.--13.89g 80%.--14.70g 100%.--15.85g unknown.--14.44g Mass after: 0%.--11.26 40%.--18.61 60%.--19.58 80%.--21.71 100%.--23.21 unknown.--20.78 Mass change: 0%.--.21 40%.--5.11 60%.--5.69 80%.--7.01 100%.--7.36 unknown.--6.34...
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