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Sumeer I pledge Gene Doping This article was about the semi-new technology of gene doping. Gene doping is a different form of gene therapy, and has evolved out of it. Gene therapy is the insertion of extra genes in order to cure genetic diseases, whether they are inherited or caused by a mutation. Gene doping on the the other hand, is the insertion of extra genes into a perfectly healthy person, usually an athlete looking to gain a competitive edge, in order to give them qualities such as increased muscle mass, more endurance, or a higher oxygen flow. Yet while the theory of gene doping is relatively simple after looking at gene therapy, the outcomes are far too unpredictable for it to be happening on a regular basis. Early trials on mice and other animals have shown that there is definitely something to be said for gene therapy and gene doping, but that they are also severe risks as well. Macaque monkeys, for example, were given an extra gene that would give the more Epo, the gene that increases oxygen-carrying red blood cell count. At first, it seemed like it was going well, with the monkey's red blood cell count increasing. But soon,
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