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Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage? In Internet Explorer go to the link: Read the page and answer the questions below as you go…you might have a quiz at the end, so pay attention! 1. How does Gene Therapy differ from traditional drug based treatment of diseases? Gene therapy is a much more permanent fix if it works, since drug based treatment may not always be a good long term solution. Click on the “Gene Therapy Case study: Cystic Fibrosis . 2. In Cystic Fibrosis, what is the cause of the disease, and ultimately what causes death? It is cause by a mutation in the CFTR gene that cause cells lining the airways in the lungs to produce abnormal amounts of mucus. The mucus dries out and cause fatal lung infections, which is how most people with CF die. 3. What is/are the main organ(s) targeted by CF? The lungs/the digestive tract. Click on the link “Section 2: Is Cystic Fibrosis a good candidate for Gene Therapy?” and then click on the case study again… 4. What are the five questions that need to be answered when determining if CF is a good candidate for gene therapy? 1. Does the condition result from mutations in one or more genes? 2. Which genes are involved? 3. What do you know about the biology of the disorder?
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Gene+Therapy-Molecular+Bandage+Activity - Gene Therapy:...

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